Weight Lifting Belts For Muscle Builders (Top 10)

You’re a man of effectiveness, attempting to get each and every ounce of result out of your exercise whether you’re at home or the Gym. What we cannot deny is that it’s not just about working out hard, it’s tied in with being wise when you do it. Weight Lifting belts are the extraordinary scaffold among you, and the six pack or tight back muscles you’ve generally longed for. Champion weightlifters use them, and men who wish to add additional oomph into their standard exercise routine make them separated of their lives. In case you’re prepared to feel the consume, it’s an ideal opportunity to look at the best weightlifting belts available.

1. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Dark Iron Fitness Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Calfskin is the situation, and Dark Iron is the greatest player. Cowhide is unrivalled for pretty much everything, except particularly weightlifting belts. Truth be told, this construct is so damn intense, that Dark Iron promises it forever. Believe it or not, they need you to get this thing through some serious hardship, and come out scorched, scarred, however solid on the opposite side.

You’re appraised to lift and crouch up to 600lbs before this thing feels, everything without delving into your sides like lifting belts have famously done previously. No one showed improvement over Dark Iron, and we can hardly wait to perceive how delightfully this thick cowhide ages. This is our best weightlifting belt (most ideal decision).

Key FeaturesSpecification
Made of genuine leather without digging into your hips
Rated to hold up to 600lbs of pressure from deadlifts and squats
Lifetime replacements: if it breaks, it’s on them
Brand: Dark Iron Fitness
Weight: 1.9 pounds

2. Harbinger Padded Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Harbinger Padded Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Extra cushioning keeps your lower lumbar safe, while the sturdy development keeps you in ideal structure to forestall wounds, and stretch yourself as far as possible. Double prong roller clasps keep Harbinger Padded Leather Contoured Weight Lifting Belt on, considerably under weighty conditions, while the 6″ width helps in adjustment beginning to end. In the event that solace is your principle concern, don’t stress: Harbinger dealt with that. There’s a froth and calfskin lining, giving you some genuine solace when you need it the most.

You’ll have the option to keep a nearby fit, yet remember to take a gander at their measuring graph, and not to pass by the size of your jeans. Clients rave about this belt for keeping your stance solid, without causing you to feel contracted like a cobra’s prey.

Key FeaturesSpecification
Genuine leather composition
Foam cushioning and suede lining for enhanced comfort
Adjustable buckles to fit all shapes and sizes
Contoured design for a perfect fit
Brand: Harbinger
Weight: 14.4 ounces

3. Fire Team Fit Olympic Weight Lifting Belt

Fire Team Fit Olympic

Your lower back and mid-region have never felt this degree of help. On account of the amazing velcro fasten, regardless of whether you top at a weight the belt can’t deal with, you won’t be limited and compelled. Velcro is incredible for the conclusion since, in such a case that the belt supports an excess of weight, the conclusion opens, shielding you from harming yourself. It’s tied in with supporting your body, while packing those lower mid-region muscles to consume the most extreme exercise conceivable. Fire Team Fit makes it somewhat more energizing, with six styles to browse, just as a delicate weave in the texture that shapes to explicit weight focuses along your middle.

Key FeaturesSpecification
Stabilizes your lower lumbar for additional safety
Excellent durability on the velcro closure
Available in multiple sizes and six designs
Brand: Fire Team Fit

4. Harbinger


Harbinger makes an honest effort to speak to each body type, and they’ve done a quite a piece of work with their adaptable centre model. For one, you get the namesake’s fantastic froth cushioning along the inside of the belt, permitting you to feel comfort alongside your help. Because of the 5″ width on the lower lumbar help, combined with the 3″ change tie, you’re ready to slide this to fit from a 30″ midsection to a 42″ abdomen. In the event that that is not your style, at that point don’t stress: they have them in different sizes, right down to 29″, so you’re ready to encounter their boss development and amazing solace, regardless of what size you’re shaking. Make a point to likewise look at our rundown of the best hand weight collars, for more extraordinary weightlifting related items.

Key FeaturesSpecification
Ultralight composition for those who prefer the non-leather options
Wide back design for more comfortable support on the back
Suitable for longer workouts
Various sizes on offer
Brand: Harbinger
Model: 23340
Weight: 8 ounces

5. ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt

ProFitness Genuine Leather Workout Belt

Dividing into equal parts of our rundown, ProFitness comes at you with a weightlifting belt that is intended for additional utilizations than you’d might suspect. Above all else, you’ll have the option to utilize this for CrossFit, deadlifting, squat racks, and that’s just the beginning, all gratitude to the moveable and strong 4″ calfskin development. You get a huge load of various change circles, making this amazingly flexible, regardless of whether you will throw it over to your mate prior to wrapping up for the afternoon.

ProFitness doesn’t smack a terrific guarantee on it, however inside the initial sixty days, you can get a 100% cash back discount in case you’re not feeling it with this belt. From the durable cowhide to the amazing clasp, it’s a sustained belt on the off chance that we’ve ever observed one. This can prove to be useful in the event that you like to practice on the customizable exercise seat.

Key FeaturesSpecification
Ultra sturdy brushed buckle closures
4” leather width for optimal back support
Sixty-day full money-back guarantee
Brand: ProFitness
Weight: 12 ounces

6. Flexz Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

Flexz Fitness Weight Lifting Belt

Powerlifters, celebrate; you’re ready to get this in a couple of various tones, and it looks manager regardless of which one you go with. Solace is perhaps the greatest thing you have to focus on, which is the reason Flexz put calfskin lining inside, and tough sewing along the outside. It’s not just about the material, it’s guaranteeing that material won’t move around significantly while you’re utilizing the belt. This additionally comes USAPL and IPF consistent, making it a heavenly belt for weightlifting rivalries around the nation. Flexa additionally slapped a lifetime guarantee on this belt, with a no-bother merchandise exchange that makes them one of the most client arranged organizations on this rundown. Ensure it is consistently helpful, in your duffel bag, when you hit the exercise centre.

Key FeaturesSpecification
Comes with a no-hassle lifetime guarantee
USAPL and IPF compliant belts
Heavy duty stitching and a comfortable suede lining
Brand: Flexz Fitness

7. RitFit


RitFit isn’t utilizing calfskin, yet they’re utilizing all that they must make this one of the most movable and adaptable weightlifting belts available. In case you’re a major and tall gent, you’ll make some extraordinary memories finding a way into this cosily, without causing a lot of narrowing on your midriff. RitFit has been viewed as a bad quality brand from the outset (ordinarily under the misguided judgment that you need calfskin to be acceptable), however once you slip this on, the quality will astound you. You get a lifetime guarantee from RitFit, who means to be the main weightlifting belt you’ll require. Aside from the quality, we likewise became hopelessly enamoured with the cost. Make certain to likewise look at our rundown of the best knee sleeves for more incredible things like this.

Key FeaturesSpecification
6” wide waterproof foam core
Lifetime warranty straight from the manufacturer
Excellent diverse fit for bulkier gents
Brand: RitFit

8. Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt

Ader Leather Power Lifting Weight Belt

Separating is such sweet distress, however we’re leaving you with a genuine jewel that comes at a reasonable value range. Ader Sporting Goods presents to us a twofold sewed calfskin belt, total with a tough twofold prong conclusion to hold a cosy fit. There’s nothing more to this belt than meets the eye: you have soundness, uphold, and a reasonable degree of solace under pretty much any lifting condition we can envision. In case you’re as yet not sure on which belt accommodates your style and needs, keep perusing our exhaustive purchasing manual for get all the essential data prior to turning around to this rundown, and choosing your ideal fit.

Key FeaturesSpecification
4” width
Double prong, durable closure
Made of leather w/ double stitching for maximum durability
Brand: Ader Sporting Goods

9. Iron Bull Strength

Iron Bull Strength

We’re unwinding our rundown, yet Iron Bull props the energy up with their ultra strong cowhide weightlifting belt. You get a lot of help from the 4″ wide, 10mm thick cowhide assemble, while additionally having the opportunity to browse one of five extraordinary shadings/styles. This calfskin belt doesn’t accompany velcro, yet it has over twelve circles with a solid twofold prong conclusion, permitting you to use the adjustment for pretty much any body type. Solid to hold your spine set up, agreeable to shield your sides from abrading, and a ton of style to keep your certainty pleasant and helped while you’re at the exercise centre or your own home rec centre. Iron Bull conveys. Enough said.

Key FeaturesSpecification
4” wide, 10mm thick leather construction
Durable and adjustable double prong loops
Comes in five different styles, each supporting you through your lifting
Brand: Iron Bull Strength

10. Steel Sweat

Steel Sweat

Each drop of sweat you break is another above and beyond you’re taking to assemble your body, and for that, you need the correct ally to bring curious to see what happens. Steel Sweat Weight Lifting Belt is made out of nylon, six inches thick, and wearing some fantastic back help that doesn’t forfeit solace for pose. You’re balanced out completely through while sparing a weighty measure of money to keep in your wallet. The cushioned edging along the two finishes of the belt make it agreeable, in any event, when you’re twisting in points that would typically be awkward: there’s no inclination that your belt is cutting into your sides. Steel Sweat additionally planned this to fit most body types, so whether you’re simply beginning or you’re an ace at lifting, you’ll have the option to slip into solace and backing.

Key FeaturesSpecification
6” wide lower back support
Durable and stretchy design keeps you stabilized, without constricting your core
Edging makes this comfortable to wear when shirtless, no matter what angle you’re lifting at
Brand: Steel Sweat

Weight Lifting Belts Buying Guide

In case you’re as yet dubious which best weightlifting belt is for you, consider your choices and investigate our complete purchasing guide. You’ll get a tad of everything, directly down to the study of why they work, when you should, and when you truly shouldn’t utilize them.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Weight Lifting Belt?

Width : The width will help in steadiness. Most great belts will have a 4″ to 6″ width.


You’re either going to velcro, or a couple of various waist band terminations to get you fastens through. You need to fall some place in those circles, so you’ll have the opportunity to change them as your body assemble.


For the most part, you will see calfskin, as it’s the best weightlifting material for the fundamental form. At that point, you’ll need to focus on the materials utilized on the terminations.


This incorporates the thickness of the material, the conclusion quality, and how long you’re relied upon to have this for. The vast majority of these belts have long guarantees, some even have lifetime guarantees.


If you need to throw this to your mate when he’s going to do his reps, it’s absolutely justifiable. In any case, ensure that it’s flexible enough.


These typically come in one or the other 4″ or 6″ of calfskin for your lower lumbar help. That is the primary territory you’ll be propping up, disposing of the high danger of supporting back or spine wounds.


Many of these are softened cowhide lined, or contain a specific measure of froth to help pad your sides to forestall diving into your skin. The greater part of us do deadlifting shirtless, so this solace diminishes abrading. Aside from that, the belt ought to be cosy, yet agreeable.

Weight Lifting Belt FAQ

How Does a Weight Lifting Belt Work?

By reducing tension on your spine, you’re ready to more readily comprehend what you’re really equipped for lifting without harming yourself. Weight Lifting belts balance out your centre and spinal section, placing more weight into your inward stomach territory, which gives you a superior exercise completely. At the point when weight is delivered off the spine, it copies a move called the Valsalva move, which is the point at which you pull in your breath to build pressure in your inward stomach locale.

What Are the Benefits of Weight Lifting Belts and do You Need One?

The primary explanation you need to get a weightlifting belt is to forestall back wounds just as improve your structure for rivalries, and general exercise. The greatest part to forestalling back injury is the thickness and sturdiness of the cushioning that is centred around supporting the lower lumbar

You’re likewise going to improve centre exercise than if you didn’t utilize a weightlifting belt. The primary issue with structure (and wounds) is the adaptability of the spine. Back wounds can bring about separated circles, just as swollen muscles that push on the spine. By keeping your spine solid, you’re putting the weight where it has a place: on your centre. Better centre exercises, a more serious consume in your midriff, and a superior six pack

How and When to Use Weight Lifting Belts?

Squats, stand-up lifting, and working loads during deadlifts, are largely reasons you’d need to utilize a weightlifting belt. We’ve seen a few gentlemen utilizing these while doing sit-ups or jawline ups, and they’re not intended to deal with those, not so much as a tad. These shield your spine from flexing outside the allotted boundaries, permitting you to forestall back issues, and put all the centre where it has a place: your centre. These belts will likewise give you a vastly improved extent of what you’re genuinely competent to do while lifting.

So, do these truly offer the important help for improved position during weightlifting? Totally. You do need to screen your breathing examples to lessen snugness at top occasions while utilizing these, yet they’re totally fit for improving your structure, and forestalling back issues.

Is Using a Weight Lifting Belt Cheating?

In pretty much every weightlifting rivalry in the nation, you’re ready to utilize these belts all through the entire term. The outlook is, that you’re not increasing additional muscles when you put one of these on, however you’re shielding yourself from likely mischief in case you’re going in for some genuine weightlifting. With regards to individual security, these rivalries need to take president over that, as opposed to a senseless arrangement of decides that they’ve composed.

On the other hand, in case you’re stressed over the downers in the rec centre, don’t be. Regardless of what you’re doing, there’s continually going to be some obstinate butt head who will leave their input alone known. Getting a thicker shell and letting it move off your shoulders (and afterward lifting monstrous load before them), is the most ideal approach to manage this. In our encounters, 90% of exercise centre goers are neighbourly and understanding, and in our present day, disgracing in the exercise centre isn’t generally as large of an issue.